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Photo by T. Brady - Farrand Field


Photo by T. Brady - Sewall Dining


From a lesson given at University of Colorado Boulder

ARCH 2100 - 013 - Foundations of Architecture

Trivia & Fun



Who was the architect for the University of Colorado Boulder campus master plan in 1918 and who also designed 15 buildings after that time including Norlin Library in 1939?


Charles Klauder was the architect on the campus master plan for University of Colorado Boulder in 1918. After the plan was set, he also designed 15 buildings in the Tuscan Vernacular Revival style, characterized by rough, textured sandstone walls with sloping, multi-leveled, red-tiled roofs and Indiana limestone trim, which were designed by Klauder between 1921 and 1939. The oldest buildings of the CU-Boulder campus, such as Old Main (1876) and Macky Auditorium (1923), are in the Collegiate Gothic style of many East Coast schools.

Norlin Library was the final building designed by Klauder on the CU- Boulder campus in 1939.

Photo by T. Brady - Outdoor Theatre


Photo by T. Brady - Sewall Hall


Photo by T. Brady - Norlin Library

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