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The project management triangle interrelates the scope, schedule, and budget of the design and construction of a building or renovation. The coordination and balance of these three important pieces creates a quality project.

The best and most successful projects always come from being well-managed. The project team typically includes an owner, a designer, and a builder. Often the designer, or architect, is part of this project management. 

We have gained a vast amount of design and project manager experience in our successful completion of significant projects. We can directly apply this knowledge in meeting the goals of the owner with a focus on the best possible quality given all the constraints.

As the architect, we would manage the design and coordinate the details during construction. This role could be more involved on projects if we were the design and project manager where we would be responsible for the scope, schedule, and budget of the project. In most cases, this would mean also managing other designers as well as the builder. This role is often called the owner's representative. 


The success of the project is all about the project management triangle which is especially important in creating the best quality.

Paul Plan Screenshot 2022-08-18 122417.jpg

Example of well managed architectural floor plan

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